5 Types of Waist Cinchers and How to Use Them

5 Types of Waist Cinchers and How to Use Them

We all want to love our bodies just the way they are – and we should – but most of us cannot stop desiring that perfect hourglass figure. And why shouldn’t we? There’s nothing more flattering on any body size than a tiny waist, and the results you can get with a waist cincher will make you look and feel better about yourself in just a few days of starting to wear one.

We understand that trying a waist trainer for the first time can be intimidating as you figure out how to use one correctly and how to find the right waist cincher for you – so this guide will show you how.


Watch this Video below to see us Try on the different types of Waist Cinchers!

How Do Waist Cinchers Work?

Waist cinchers work by slowly cinching in your waist to the tiny size you desire. There are various different waist cinchers you can use for working out or for daily wear all with different materials – which we’ll guide you through below – but they all encourage your abdominal region to readjust to better fit the space (think of it a little like braces for your teeth).


How to Use a Waist Cincher

First, choose a style that is right for you (see types below); do you want a corset style trainer you can work out in and wear every day (like our classic waist cincher), one that’s specifically designed for working out (a latex waist cincher like a sport cincher), or a vest-style that will also help reduce your back fat?

Next, buy your size as per our sizing guidelines specified on the product page and don’t be tempted to size down too quickly – if it’s not comfortable you won’t be able to train for the hours required to see long-term results.

When it arrives, put it on carefully over a thin shirt and start by wearing it for an hour or two. Gradually lengthen how long you wear it for until you reach a maximum of 8 hours. If you buy a sport cincher you may want to buy two cinchers so you can wear one to be your workout waist cincher and one for daily use.
When you’re ready to tighten the trainer start the training over again by wearing the tighter hooks for an hour or two, and then drop back down to your previous size for the duration of your wear that day.
Be careful to hand-wash your cincher with cold water and allow to drip-dry over the bath or in the shade outside (avoid harsh sunlight).
Not sure about your size? Email your waist, hip, height and weight measurements to customerservice@nicoletteshapewear.com.
5 Types of Waist Cinchers
  1. Classic Waist Cincher 1021
The Classic Waist Cincher 1021 is an all-latex waist cincher which is the perfect workout waist cincher to train your waist, burn extra fat, and produce more sweat to help you lose water weight. It lifts up your bust to give a push-up bra effect. This is the kind of waist trainer you’ve seen your favorite celebrities wear.
This trainer will help you lose 3 inches instantly and then work on making that change permanent. Start on the first hooks and work your way into the other sets. See it here
  1. Sports Waist Cincher 1026

The Sports Waist Cincher 1026 is designed specifically to be a workout waist cincher. The flexible boning and breathable material on this sport cincher makes it a favorite among our customers (see their pics on the product page!). See it here 
  1. Latex Waist Training Semi-Vest

The Latex Waist Training Semi-Vest is the Classic Waist Cincher in vest form. The vest curves under the bust but rises up the back to prevent the back rolls that often appear as we train with our cinchers.
Like the past two cinchers, this latex waist cincher is also designed to burn extra fat and make you sweat to help lose difficult water weight. The cut of this vest is particularly flattering for giving the “girls” a boost! See it here
  1. Smooth Powernet Waist Cincher

The Smooth Powernet Waist Cincher differs from the other cinchers on this list because it contains no latex but instead uses a strong “Powernet” material, which makes it ideal for those who don’t like or can’t wear latex. This makes it the perfect choice for everyday wear, as it absorbs sweat, unlike the previous three cinchers. See it here.
  1. Smooth Tummy Control Waist Cincher

The Smooth Tummy Control Waist Cincher is an ideal choice for everyday use and comes with straps. This is our lightest cincher and isn’t as strong as the Powernet material above, but is still very effective.
Now you know the differences you can choose the cincher for you and start training! See our entire range here
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