Best Butt Lifting Jeans Review 2020

Best Butt Lifting Jeans Review 2020

Ever looked at Sofia Vergara and wondered how a woman over 45 can have such an amazing butt when yours is so… well, flat, or not as perky and round? If you watched Shakira and J-Los Super Bowl half-time show this year and decided that you absolutely have to have a butt like theirs, you’re not alone. (In fact, it’s what most of us were thinking!)

However, while they have the time to spend an hour in the gym every day, we don’t. We have full-time jobs, kids, and honestly… working out just isn’t always much fun. It’s also unlikely anyone is paying us to workout. So, what can we do if we want bountiful booties?

Besides working out – which yes, we should be doing for our health as well as for the booty-boost – we need to look to our underwear and pants to give us a little bit of help back there, and Booty Lift Jeans are one of the best options out there.

What are Booty Lift Jeans and Where Did They Originate?

Butt lift jeans (also called booty shaping jeans, push up jeans, booty up, levanta cola jeans, wedgie jeans, and a long list of other names) are jeans that are designed to help lift your butt and hold it in that beautiful apple-bottom shape. While some butt lifting jeans only do this, many of them also give you tummy support, contour and highlight your best features, and slim your legs.

Butt lift jeans have been around in some iteration since the 90s, but have only really come into popularity in the last few years as having those beautiful curves have really come into fashion in the U.S, unlike the relatively boyish frame that was popular in the 90s and early 2000s.

They originated in South America, mainly in Colombia, where the fashion for attention-grabbing butt-lifting jeans has long been thriving. In the Gran San shopping center, there are often more than 700 stalls all selling jeans embellished with sparkles and patterns on the rear pockets with the specialist stitching we’ll talk about in a moment. Since Colombia is the birthplace of two of the bootylicious ladies we talked about above, we can trust that they know how to enhance and emphasize that particular asset!

How Do Butt Lift Jeans Work?  

So how exactly do they differ from any normal pair of jeans you wear? Booty lift jeans use more fabric around the rear, which offers your butt more support and the jeans more structure, and they use special stitching techniques to highlight and enhance your shape.

Many designs also use a stretchy fabric in areas they want your natural booty to sit and to smooth your shape without creating unsightly bulges. It doesn’t matter how skinny or fit we are – we’ve all tried on a pair of jeans made out of thick denim that just did us no favors.

That’s exactly what booty lift jeans avoid – by using stretchy fabrics and a wide waistband, they work in harmony with your body and do their best to pull you in in all the right places. Butt lift jeans come in a range of rises, but if you’re looking to be as comfortable as possible, have the best butt and a trim tum, definitely go for a rise that reaches just below, or just above, your belly button.

What Different Types of Booty Lift Jeans are There? 

1. Wide Pockets 

Wide pocket jeans are what you’ll see most often on booty-enhancing jeans because it helps your bum look wider and more full. This is great for women who have a v-shape butt, a square shape butt, or any other shape that’s lacking in fullness. However, if you’ve already got a lot of booty and you’re just looking for shape, one of the types below may be better for you. 

2. No Pockets

Booty lift jeans with no pockets look phenomenal on women who already have a heart-shaped or round butt and are really looking to show it off. (If you’ve got it, flaunt it!) The seam in the middle helps add more volume and shape. 

3. Heart-Shaped Booty 

Heart-shaped booty lift jeans are the go-to for all women, as they make any booty pop. They’re called heart-shaped because they use special stitching to help give any booty the beautiful heart shape – regardless of how little, or how much, definition your natural booty has. 

4. Wedgie 

Don’t let the uncomfortable-sounding name fool you, wedgie jeans are amazing. Wedgie jeans lift your butt and separate your cheeks just enough to give them that, beautiful, round shape, and prevent you from getting that “uni-butt” look. Wedgie jeans look great on all booty shapes, and our wedgie jeans are comparable to Levi’s Wedgie jeans. 

Why Should You Wear Booty Lifting Jeans? 7 Benefits 

So why wear booty lift jeans? You’ve probably got a good list of reasons of your own which led you to this article in the first place, but here are some of the benefits of wearing levanta cola jeans

1. Your butt will look ridiculous in the very best way

2. They enhance your natural assets

3. They help hide the aspects of your body you don’t like (tummy/cellulite)

4. They give your butt a better shape

5. You’ll feel more confident

6. They’re comfortable thanks to their stretchy material

7. You don’t have to spend an hour doing squats daily just to get a great butt!

Our Top 3 Picks for the Best Booty Lift Jeans for 2020 


If big pockets and an even bigger booty are what you’re looking for, these Scarlett Colombian Push Up Jeans are exactly what you need in your life. These figure-hugging authentic Colombian jeans use the unique stitching design and a light wash to enhance the size of your booty, and the wide waistband prevents any chance of a muffin top.

2. ‘Kylie’ Push Up Levanta Cola Jeans

If you’ve already got the booty of your dreams and are ready to show it off, our ‘Kylie’ Push Up Levanta Cola Jeans will do just that. These jeans have no pockets, are in a light wash to help add volume as well as style, and the simple stitching is deceptively shaping. These jeans are so comfortable and feel more like leggings than jeans, so you can wear them all day long whether you’re headed out to the bar or just feeling fabulous as you take your kids to the park.

3. ‘Oceana’ Colombian Push Up Jeans

For jeans that make literally any booty size and shape look fabulous, we’ve got the ‘Oceana’ Colombian Push-Up Jeans These jeans use the heart-shaped stitching to add shape and fullness to your butt while shaping your thighs and pulling in that tum. These jeans come in a very wearable mid-wash, so don’t be surprised if you want to live in them all. The. Time.

Butt lift jeans are a great way to give your butt the shape you desire or enhance and show off what you’ve gained from hours working out. If you’re thinking about starting a workout routine or are looking for new ways to enhance your figure, waist training is the logical next step. Don’t worry – it’s completely safe (read more about that here) and you can even do it while working out; read our article Should I Waist Train While Working Out? Everything You Need to Know to get the low-down.  

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