Best Waist Trainers | Waist Training 101 Guide

Best Waist Trainers | Waist Training 101 Guide

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What are the best waist trainers to buy? When celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, and JWoww, all started endorsing waist training it seemed like overnight the waist training niche exploded all out of nowhere. With so many options, styles, and brands out there it can be a giant task in and of itself finding the correct one.  In order to determine the best waist trainer is a matter of not just finding the best one, but asking yourself “What is The Best Waist Trainer for Me?”  

To answer that question you must know a few things and educate yourself a little bit on the subject. Below will help you find the best waist trainer for you!.

What is Waist Training & Why Should I Do It?

Waist training is the act of using a waist trainer or corset to modify your waist into an hourglass shape.

Waist trainers are worn for a variety of reasons and situations. The most common reason is women want to be the show stopper for a special occasion such as weddings, reunions, birthday parties, baby showers, dating events, or a night out.  

Some use them as a fashion statement, while some just use them to increase their posture or support lumbar, core, or back. 


Many women are looking for that classic hourglass figure to really turn heads at a special event. It has nothing to do with losing weight, spot reducing or doing ab exercises while wearing a waist cincher. The hourglass figure is attained as a result of the moving of floating ribs and the reduction of space in the abdomen.

 Weight loss tends to happen mainly because the corset prevents you from eating in as large of quantities of food   

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What Results Can You Expect From Waist Training? 

Whether you’ll have success at waist training really does depend on a bunch of differentiating factors such as:

How many hours of the day do you use a waist trainer?  

How many days a week are you wearing a waist trainer? 

How tight is your waist trainer 

Are you following a diet and exercise plan?

Also knowing our body type plays a huge role. It’s tough to say who is going to get fast results because everyone’s body is different. We all have different waist measurements such as our hips and waist. It’s like going into Jenny Craig and asking how much body fat you will lose if you start their diet. Our bodies just have too many differences!

We can tell you though that no matter the differences that everyone can achieve success and feel much more confident wearing a waist trainer. There are just too many Real Women, with Real Life Waist Training Results:

Check out these stories of women who have used Nicolette Shapewear waist trainers and have achieved life-changing results in their lives. Read their waist training stories and take a look at their waist training journeys and what they did.  

Some have lost a few inches off their waists just by wearing a waist trainer for a few hours a day and a few days a week. 



Get The Right Size.

Waist trainers that are too large won’t do the job and waist trainers that are too small may restrict your breathing and make life extremely uncomfortable. Trust us when we say having a smaller waist trainer will NOT get you results faster.


Get The Right Style.

Waist trainers come in many different styles such as zip & clips, waist cinchers, steel boned waist trainers, and waist trainer vests. You’ll not only be more comfortable but you’ll also be happier


Season Your Waist Trainer.

Also known as “Breaking in” your waist trainer, only wear your waist trainer for 1 - 2 hours a day for your first few weeks. If you are having a wedding or a big event make sure you order a waist trainer a few weeks in advance so you are not left in pain cuz you forgot this tip. 


Remember the Term “Slowly But Surely”

We know, we know! You want fast results! We want our dinner now and results by yesterday. But trust us when we say not to rush yourself. You can end up with an injury if your waist trainer is too tight. We recommend increasing the time you wear your trainer from around 1 -2 hours a day to 6-8 hours over the course of a few weeks. 

Types of Waist Trainers

3 Hook Waist Trainers. Made popular by celebrities like Amber Rose or Kim Kardashian these are usually comprised of latex or cotton material. These waist trainers have multiple hooks so you can adjust the size as you gain or lose weight. We love these because you can tighten or loosen your fit as you please. These trainers can be worn all day whether at work, at an event, or while you’re on the go.

Steel Boned Waist Trainers. Have long, thin, flat inner rods that allow the corset to retain its shape by keeping it stiff and preventing it from wrinkling 

Waist Trainer Vests. Instead of just strapping around your waist, a waist trainer vest has two adjustable straps that go over your shoulders and covers your entire back. Vests are great for improved posture and they make for a great fit so you can move all day and keep the trainer intact. Prevents puffy back rolls and skin rollover. 

Fitness Trainers. Since Corsets and waist trainers are tight, which in turn limits lung capacity and oxygen intake, it is not recommended to use while exercising, working out, or performing any kind of fitness.Instead, you should use special trainers designed to use for fitness. These include neoprene suits, neoprene pants, fitness belts, and fitness trainers. 

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