How to Snap Back After Giving Birth

How to Snap Back After Giving Birth

If you’re reading this as a new mom, congratulations! You’ve just done one of the most incredible things a person can do: bring another human into the world. Your body has likely gone through many changes over the last nine months, and you may be eager to get yourself back to your pre-baby appearance. 

In this article, we will look at what’s important in the first few months postpartum and tips and tricks on how to bounce back after becoming a mother. 


Important things to remember after giving birth 

Before we get into the tips and tricks of “snapping back,” let’s go through a few things you’ll want to remember in the after-birth period:

  1. Your body probably won’t be the same as it was pre-baby! After a pregnancy, certain things about the body will look and feel different, whether it’s something small like new stretch marks or something more noticeable like a slight widening of the back. Whatever changes, it’s good to remember that if you eventually get back down to your original weight, your body still might not look the way it did before your baby. And that’s okay!

  2. Some people lose weight more quickly than others. Don’t beat yourself up! Everyone has a different metabolism, appetite, genetics and exercise plan, so try not to expect identical results to those of your favorite celebrities. 

  3. Don’t immediately launch into a strict diet. Motherhood can be a big challenge, and the last thing you want is a restrictive lifestyle change along with all that. If you do want to make dietary changes as a new mom, go for it. Just be sure it’s gradual and that you’re gentle with yourself. 


Top Tips to Snap Back After Birth

#1 Find a Sustainable Plan

When it comes to getting your pre-baby body back, consistency is key, but it’s also important to be kind to yourself. Find a plan that works for you, and stick with it. Choose a plan that you know you’ll be able to sustain – you may lose a lot over a few days if you severely cut your calories, but if you’re too tired to look after your baby, you’ll find life hard and likely binge on food.


#2 Try Postpartum Shapewear and Waist Trainers

Alongside a nourishing, balanced diet and a healthy exercise plan, there’s one other thing many women turn to postpartum: abdominal wrapping. New moms have used this technique for centuries and can offer a lot of physical support throughout the transition back into your pre-baby body. 

Also known as shapewear or postpartum body shapers, these abdominal wraps can help you stay comfortable and feel supported through this period of change. Waist trainers and wraps offer compression that can help your muscles to rebuild. As a new mom, you’ve just spent a lot of time holding a little one inside you (and then pushing them out!), so the compression can help hold your muscles in place so your body can repair easily. 

The compression can also help reduce the inflammation we all know can make us feel puffy, bloated and uncomfortable. And if that wasn’t enough for you, abdominal wraps can also help give you better posture! This feature is ideal for new moms carrying their little around one all day!


#3 Focus on Abs

While working out your abs alone won’t help you lose body fat, it is an area you should focus on strengthening. Remember that your abs will be doing a lot of healing in the early days, but once you’ve given them time to heal, start strengthening your abdominal wall. There are plenty of quick ab workouts you can follow along at home on YouTube in just 5-10 minutes a day. This will help strengthen the muscles that were stretched during your pregnancy and help you tighten them – giving you a much slimmer and fitter appearance.


#4 Build Up Slowly

The incredible and ageless J-Lo started losing her post-baby weight simply by walking and built up to runs, swims, and long bike rides. Since you can walk, run, and even bike with your little one, these are all great forms of exercise to build up to slowly. Keep increasing the pace, difficulty, or distance to push your body harder.


#5 Eat Frequent Small Meals & Meal Prep

Don’t allow yourself to get hungry – instead, divide your daily calories into 4-8 small meals you can eat every 2-3 hours throughout the day. As a bonus, do meal prep every few days so you can simply grab your food and aren’t tempted to snack. It’s much easier to eat healthily when it’s the easiest thing to grab.


We know how important it is for new mamas to feel secure and confident. We want you to have an easy transition from holding your baby inside to holding them in your arms, and you can do so with our comfortable, supportive shapewear. If you’re ready to begin your postpartum snapback, why not take a look at our waist trainer options for new moms? You can view our full range of postpartum shapewear options by visiting our website.

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