The Best Butt Lifters to Give a Natural Lift in 2021

The Best Butt Lifters to Give a Natural Lift in 2021

You’ve got a beautiful booty, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want to give it a little boost from time to time! Just as we wear makeup to enhance our natural features, a butt lifter can give your booty a natural lift. If you’re often frustrated because your butt seems to disappear or get flattened as soon as you put on your jeans, a butt lifter is something you need in your wardrobe.


What is a butt lifter?

A butt lifter is a pair of shaper shorts that not only help with upper thigh and lower tummy control, but also helps lift your butt and give it the support it needs so you can have a beautiful, pert, round butt. They’re the ideal companion for your bodycon dresses and any pair of jeans.


Why use a butt lifter?

  • Instant lift and volume: forget surgery and stop squatting for hours – you can make a huge difference to your booty instantaneously with a butt lifter.
  • Tummy control: all butt lifters also offer lower tummy control so they’re the perfect garment to give you a confidence boost, no matter what you’re wearing.
  • Comfort: most butt lifters are so comfortable that many women choose to wear them daily.
  • Natural boost: most butt lifters give you a natural boost without additional padding, though you can totally get the butt equivalent of a push-up bra if you want to!
  • Get the butt you don’t have: if your butt didn’t get the memo that big booties are in, a butt lifter can help you hack the results so you can stop feeling frustrated with your genetics.


What are the best butt lifters for a natural result?

The best butt lifters for a natural result don’t contain padding – while there’s totally nothing wrong with using a little extra padding if you want to, working with what nature gave you and lifting and shaping it into an optimal shape is the best way to keep things looking natural. Here are some of our best butt lifters for a natural lift:

Butt Lifter 8044

This full-coverage butt lifter naturally lifts your butt and supports it in a pert, round shape. The lace bands on the thighs help control that often unwelcome upper thigh area, and the waist sits just below your ribs to control the entire lower tummy area and those awkward muffin tops. This butt lifter is completely seamless so no one will know you’re wearing it!


Hourglass Angel High Waist Butt Lifter

If you aren’t sure how much support you need, want to be able to move freely, or are going to be spending time out in the heat, this lightweight butt lifter gently holds you in all the right places without any intense compression. It will prevent unwelcome muffin tops and ensure your booty is lifted whether you’re wearing a bodycon dress at a wedding or playing with your kids in the yard.


Mid Waist High Compression Butt Lifter

If you love that feeling of being held and supported, this high compression butt lifter needs to be on your list. This high compression butt lifter creates that sought-after apple bottom we all wish we had! If you’re looking for a butt lifter offers some tummy control and muffin top control without being too bulky, the mid-waist on this butt lifter is the perfect solution.


If you’re looking for a little support for your booty so you can confidently rock any outfit and any activity, a butt lifter is a must for your closet. If you’re not sure whether you want a butt lifter like those above or something with more or less coverage, make sure you head over to read The Best Butt Lifting Panties Reviews next to get a full guide of our options for your needs and your butt!

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