The Best Postpartum Shapewear? Girdle, Bodyshaper, or Belly Band?

The Best Postpartum Shapewear? Girdle, Bodyshaper, or Belly Band?

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Original Content Posted 11/15/18

Life after a brand new baby can be extremely overwhelming. If you are a brand new mom your once routine life is now filled with stresses like having to feed your baby around the clock, sleep deprivation, constant diaper changing, and the every crying baby. Having to adjust to all of these once your baby is born isn’t easy.

With such a major life change, the last thing a mom needs to worry about is her body. Whether normal delivery through a c section incision. You don’t want nor should you have to worry about your post pregnancy body. 

You’ve probably noticed that nearly every celebrity now and days is wearing some sort of waist trainer, girdle, or bodyshaper. You’ve seen what they can do for you and that they work really well. 

Trust me when we say that those smoothed out and near perfect figures don't just miraculously happen without a little bit of assistance. The way these undergarments eliminate the appearance of problem areas like loose skin, excess body fat, love handles, and cellulite are due to the tight compression they provide due to their design. 

Bodyshapers can provide a toned appearance and smooth your body, however not all support a postpartum body to new mothers. There are only a handful that are specifically and uniquely designed with pregnancy in mind. 

Postpartum shapewear is different because it supports you as your baby and belly grow throughout your term. Additionally they offer:

  • Extra back support to assist in helping sleep better throughout the night 
  • Reduces discomfort that occurs during 9 months of pregnancy
  • Improves Posture
  • Provides support to the uterus during normal everyday activities plus anything physical
  • Improves Posture
  • Enables you to wear your normal clothes

Taking Belly Support One Step Further

Nicolette Shapewear High Waist Postpartum Bodyshaper For C-Section or Natural Birth

Nicolette Shapewear has taken Postpartum shapewear to a new level. While Body shapers are superb products and serve a great purpose. Electric Curves offers benefits and alternatives which offer the qualities of a belly band but also the added benefits of a body shaper as well.

Wearing an Electric Curves Bodyshaper offers protection and support to the C-section incision. At the same time it reduces swelling by compressing the uterus due to fluid retention. 

Many women find comfort with a postpartum girdle after they’ve delivered. Electric Curves postpartum body shapers deliver improved core strength and stability. 

As mentioned above one of the core benefits in wearing postpartum shapewear is reduced back pain and improved posture! This is by far one of the best benefits because the Nicolette Shapear Bodyshaper is designed to compress and aid the abdominal and lumbar regions, resulting in a substantially faster recovery 

The active mom said it was the compression and support that also allowed her to quickly get back into jogging, dancing, and working out within 2 months of giving birth. 

The benefits are endless when it comes to the support a postpartum girdle can offer, but choose the product carefully to ensure not only short-term results, but long-term confidence. 


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