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      5 Most Comfortable Shapewear Options for New Moms & Moms-to-Be

      5 Most Comfortable Shapewear Options for New Moms & Moms-to-Be

      There are many things to consider when you’re about to have a baby: you’ll be thinking about names, nursery colors, which family members you’ll be calling on for help. But one thing new parents can often forget is taking care of themselves. By taking care of yourself in the early stages of parenthood, you’re making yourself a better parent.

      Staying comfortable and confident before and after you have your baby will significantly improve your mental health, help you feel more comfortable in your own skin and your clothes, and feel supported, even when your body is going through a period of change.


      Can you wear shapewear while pregnant? Can you wear shapewear after you give birth?


      Yes, you can! Just make sure you buy the right sizing and material and size up as your bump grows. After you’ve had your baby, work your way back, sizing down when you feel ready to.

      Post maternity shapewear gently helps your body to return to its pre-baby state. Shapewear can be particularly useful in the first few weeks postpartum when you’re feeling sore. If you’ve had a C-section, shapewear can create a buffer between your stitches and your clothes, reducing irritation.

      Postpartum shapewear can also encourage better posture and core strength, helping support you when your abdominal muscles are sore and healing.


      What shapewear can I wear pre- and postpartum?

      The main thing to keep in mind is comfort; your body is going to be sensitive, so you need to look shapewear with as few fastenings and seams as possible. The other factor to consider is sizing; the right sizing will help you feel comfortable and supported. If you aren’t sure what size you need, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team who would love to help you find the right shapewear for your stage of pre- or post-pregnancy.


      5 Most Comfortable Shapewear Options for Pre- and Postpartum Moms

      High-waisted Strapless Body Shaper: this garment is ideal for those who are new to shapewear. It offers mid-compression and is ideal for underneath any outfit. With no zips, a low back and removable straps, this body shaper is versatile and comfortable. It flattens the stomach, lifts the buttocks and creates a flattering shape.

      Semi-Vest Waist Body Shaper: this waist cincher is designed to wear every day. It provides high compression in the stomach area and lifts your bust. Its adjustable straps provide maximum comfort so that you can wear it underneath all your favorite clothes.

      Seamless Bodysuit: body shaper with shorts is ideal for new moms as it offers comfort and light compression. With an open bust, you can wear it with your most comfortable bra, and its high back support helps you to return to your glorious pre-baby posture!

      Postpartum Girdle with Zipper and Shorts: if you’ve just given birth and are looking for a garment that targets the waist, stomach and hips, this bodysuit is the one for you. With an additional butt lifter, your natural curves will be enhanced. This bodysuit also features a low back, an open crotch and lower back support. 

      Slimming Bodysuit Panty Shaper: for an all-round lift, these shaper shorts are super effective. It’s comfortable and lightweight with thick vest straps for underarm control. Providing a natural butt lift and tummy control, this shaper is ideal for easing your body back into its original state.  

      If you want to feel lightly compressed, keeping everything in place until you return to your pre-baby physique, shapewear can be a safe and effective option. Whether you’ve had a natural birth or C-section, you can feel supported and wrapped safely in your shapewear for as long as you need it! 

      To view our full range of postpartum shapewear garments, click here

      Do Postpartum Belts Work?

      Do Postpartum Belts Work?

      If you’ve had a baby recently, the chances are you’ve been more aware than ever of the celebrity trend of abdominal compression or belly binding. This practice has only gained popularity in mainstream media in recent years, but postpartum binding has existed for hundreds of years.

      Abdominal compression is an ancient tradition in many areas around the world, including Malaysia, where it is known as “bengkung.” The concept has also been commonplace in places like Japan and Mexico for centuries. In this tradition, a new mother has a piece of muslin cloth wrapped around the abdomen immediately after giving birth. The idea is to provide the new mother with extra physical support as her body heals.

      Let’s take a look at what modern-day postpartum belts are and how they work. 


      What are postpartum belts today?

      Also known as postpartum girdles, abdominal compression wraps or belly binders, postpartum belts are used by those who have just given birth, hence the name.  The postpartum belt we know today hasn’t changed hugely from the traditional ones in Malaysia. 

      Postpartum belts can provide back support throughout the day and during breastfeeding, help with muscle memory and reduce the pressure on the back and legs. They are particularly helpful for those who have had C-section births as they tend to affect the abdominal muscles more than the vaginal muscles. 


      Are postpartum belts safe?

      Postpartum belts are safe, provided you are careful not to wrap your belt too tightly. You should feel supported but still comfortable and able to move around. You should not feel pain. If you wrap too tightly, the abdominal pressure must go elsewhere. This could result in a prolapse in very extreme cases, so make sure you still feel comfortable and avoid corsets. There’s a big difference between a belt or wrap designed for new moms and


      What are the benefits of postpartum belts?

      There are many reasons why new mothers wear postpartum belts, whether to help with healing or for cosmetic purposes. For those concerned about swelling, abdominal wrapping is a great solution. This process compresses blood vessels and capillaries, flushing fluids from the skin, minimizing swelling and reducing post-childbirth bruising.

      Other reported benefits of postpartum belts include helping the uterus shrink back down to its original size. This can help alleviate pain, allowing the new mother to return to her regular activities, and protecting the C-section incision. The additional compression helps hold your abdominal muscles and any areas around an incision together so your tissues can repair more quickly.


      Do postpartum belts work?

      When used correctly, postpartum belts can speed up recovery after a C-section or natural birth. They can help you feel more comfortable and supported when moving around since it gives your abdominal wall and back more support. Of course, they also help hold you in, which often helps moms feel more positive and more like themselves sooner after birth.


      Which postpartum belts do we recommend?

      We recommend using shapewear with built-in support, as it will provide you with safe, all-over support post-birth. Our shapewear is gentle on the skin and can be worn at all times. Here are our favorites:


      Our Postpartum Girdle with Shorts (2396) targets your waist, tummy and hips with just the right amount of compression. It has adjustable straps and an open bust so that you can wear your own bra with it.

      Our Bodysuit Panty Shaper Romanza (2022) is ideal for low-impact compression. It highlights your body’s natural curves and offers a gentle butt lift.

      Our Semi-vest Waist Body Shaper (NS173) is made with spandex and compression Powernet and features adjustable straps for comfortable everyday use. This body shaper can help maintain good posture while providing support to your back.


      Having a baby can put a lot of strain on your body, and postpartum belts are a great way to help your body heal and to feel more comfortable in the days and weeks after giving birth. To see our full range of postpartum shapers, click here

      5 Top Reasons Why New Moms Should Wear Shapewear

      5 Top Reasons Why New Moms Should Wear Shapewear

      Being pregnant and giving birth gives you a whole new relationship with your body. You may feel awed by its ability to create life, you may have loved how you looked and felt when you were pregnant, but after you’ve had your baby, things often change.

      Your postpartum body is one that is recovering, often uncomfortable, and many new moms wish they could have a feminine shape long before they have the time, desire, and ability to get back into a healthy workout and eating routine. If you’re thinking about wearing shapewear after birth, you’re not alone. Here are 5 reasons why many new moms choose to wear shapewear postpartum.

      1.    Compression Can Help Your Muscles Mend

      While returning to waist trainers may have to wait a few weeks if you’ve recently given birth, wearing postpartum shapewear does actually aid in your recovery. In many countries around the world, hospitals and midwives will give new moms a belly band or fabric for belly binding so they can wrap their stomach and help it repair more quickly. When we have an injury, we are taught to ice – compress – elevate.

      It’s that compression element that is at work here. Your stomach muscles have been stretched, and compressing them can help hold them in position so your body can repair them more easily. This is even more beneficial for those who had a c-section.


      2.    You Look and Feel More Put-Together

      Being a new mom isn’t easy – you likely have sleepless nights, you’re dealing with poop and vomit more than you ever thought you would, and—let’s face it—your baby’s cute outfits are way more put together than your own. When you choose to wear shapewear after birth, you instantly feel more put-together, more comfortable, and confident as you go about your day. Since confidence can be hard to come by in those early weeks, so don’t be afraid to rely on your shapewear for a little more!


      3.    Compression Helps Reduce Inflammation (Swelling)

      Not only does compression help speed up how fast your muscles can mend, but compression also helps reduce inflammation. Inflammation is natural but can make you feel puffy, uncomfortable, and too much inflammation can work against you. Our bodies react with inflammation to ensure there is enough blood flow to attack any intruders and heal the injury as fast as possible. Of course, for long term problems or slow-healing “damage,” such as giving birth or surgery, that inflammation can delay healing and even distort tissues in the long run. It’s best to slow and reduce swelling, especially after birth, so your body can heal easily. Shapewear can help you do just that!  

      4.    Tighten and Tone Your Body

      Have you ever noticed how your stomach can look flatter after you’ve worn a pair of tight high-waisted leggings? That’s because the compression naturally helps you to shed extra water weight and holds your body in a better shape. While these results aren’t permanent (we wish!), repeated use will help prolong these effects and may even help give you a better shape in the long term since your body is still healing and recovering its shape.

      5.    Get Better Posture

      One of the benefits for anyone using shapewear is that it gently reminds you to sit and stand up straight. This is great for anyone’s posture but is particularly important for a new mom carrying and lifting their baby without the strength a strong abdominal wall can provide. While you’re recovering, belly binding and wearing shapewear after birth can help support your muscles so you can stand straighter, lift better, and regain your strength with proper form.


      Ready to try shapewear for yourself? Check out our postpartum range here.

      How Waist Training Works for Postpartum Moms

      How Waist Training Works for Postpartum Moms

      Having a baby puts a huge amount of strain on your body, no matter how you deliver. Our bodies have been pushed to the limits, our organs have moved, our muscles, have stretched and then suddenly – there’s no baby. That’s a big change, and it takes our bodies a while to recover. Many moms think about using postpartum shapewear and waist training to support their bodies as they return to their prebaby body.

      If you’re wondering how this may work for you and if it’s the right decision, keep reading.


      History of Stomach Binding for New Moms

      Stomach binding – the practice of wrapping the stomach with cloth after birth – isn’t a new practice. In fact, it has been extremely prevalent in Asia, Europe and Latin America for hundreds of years. They have different names all around the world, and many cultures understand the benefits that come from postpartum compression. When you think about using some form of compression postpartum, whether that be shapewear or a waist trainer, you are simply using a more sophisticated form of stomach binding.


      So, how does waist training postpartum help? Let’s take a look at the benefits.


      Benefits of Compression Postpartum

      • More comfortable because it gives your stomach support
      • Helps your stomach muscles heal because it holds the muscles together
      • Helps support your back because it allows your stomach to brace against the trainer instead of trying to tense when you move or lift your baby
      • Helps many moms get back their prebaby body
      • Reduces inflammation because blood flow is increased


      Is it safe to waist train postpartum?

      Yes, but you should wait 6 weeks before using a waist trainer with hooks. This is because waist trainers have a very high degree of compression, and your body needs time to recover from birth. 0-6 weeks after birth, you should stick to shapewear, after that, you can introduce waist trainers.


      How can I start waist training as soon as possible?

      For all the benefits of compression we mentioned above, you can start wearing shapewear as soon as you feel able to do so after birth. You should always check in with your doula, midwife, or doctor to check that it is safe to do so in your circumstances.

      If you have had a c-section, you need to choose a form of seamless shapewear so your scar can fully heal. A seamless bodysuit like the NS8051 will work well for you, though you may want to look at our post-surgery range for those early days.

      If you have a natural delivery, everything will gradually decrease in size, so it’s a good idea to get shapewear with hooks so you can adjust the fit as your body changes. For example, you may find that your upper stomach leans out quickly, while your lower stomach around your uterus takes much longer to heal.

      Our two most popular shapewear options are the NS015 and the NS049.

      Our NS015 offers a high level of compression, so you may need to wait a few weeks before it is comfortable to wear. The NS049 is the most popular because it offers the most complete coverage. The Powernet material offers a high level of compression but is very soft and comfortable against the skin. See this video to see a full review of the NS015 and NS049 in detail so you can make the right decision for you.

      If you would like to learn more about how the process of waist training works, see our complete guide on how it reduces waist size.

      Using a Waist Trainer for Workouts Post-Partum

      Using a Waist Trainer for Workouts Post-Partum

      We’ve all seen pictures of celebrities working out in their waist trainers, and you may have enjoyed working out in your waist trainer before getting pregnant. But what about working out in your waist trainer postpartum? Today, we’ll guide you through what you need to know and answer all your questions about wearing a waist trainer for working out after having a baby.


      Is wearing a waist trainer postpartum safe?

      Yes – though of course you should always talk to your doctor, and you need to be careful and listen to your body. Postpartum binding is a popular practice throughout the world, and many women who have a c-section are encouraged to use some kind of abdominal compression as part of their recovery.

      You shouldn’t jump into waist training right away, however. Generally, you need to wait until your baby is six weeks old before you can wear a waist trainer. Other shapewear is suitable before this, however. You can read all about this in our Complete Guide to Waist Training for Postpartum Moms.


      When can I start wearing a waist trainer for workouts?

      Once you’re six-weeks postpartum, you can start introducing or reintroducing your waist trainer back into your life. It’s best to start slow, both with your waist trainer and with your workouts. Start just by doing brisk walks to increase your cardiovascular fitness. You can wear your waist trainer while you do this; just make sure it’s a suitable size. If you waist trained before your pregnancy, you’ll likely need to purchase a size or two bigger initially so you don’t put too much pressure on your body too soon.

      Once you’re comfortable and feeling capable of more, you can increase the intensity of your workouts while wearing your waist trainer. Remember to listen to your body. You’ll know the difference between something that’s difficult because you’re out of practice and something that hurts. Don’t push too hard.


      Which waist trainers are best for working out postpartum?

      We’ve got a few suggestions for you for the best workout waist trainers for postpartum moms:

      Our Top Pick: Gym Sweat Belt

      The waist trainer we recommend most to postpartum moms for workouts is our Gym Sweat Belt with Butterfly Logo. This waist trainer is great because it’s so adjustable and quick and easy to get on and off. When you’re first working out after you’ve had your baby, you will have to build up a lot of strength again, and this waist trainer can be easily and quickly removed if you find you need to catch your breath or loosen it for a specific movement.


      Best for Walks and Light Compression

      If you’re looking for something comfortable for all-day wear but can also be worn during light workouts, our Smooth Powernet Waist Cincher is a great choice. It offers a lighter degree of compression and won’t make you sweat as much as our Gym Sweat Belt.


      Best for 12 Weeks Postpartum

      Once you’re 12 weeks postpartum, your body should be relatively well recovered. If your doctor gives you the all-okay for workouts, you can return to exercise as normal. Once this is the case, our Sport Latex Waist Cincher will help you get your prebaby body back – or better! It’s important to note you shouldn’t wear a latex waist trainer before you reach 6 weeks postpartum, as it will be too intense. This is a great waist trainer to use once you know you won’t need to adjust it during workouts.


      You can absolutely wear a waist trainer for workouts after giving birth, but you need to be conscious about how you do so. Listen to your body and remember what it’s been through – it will need time before it can do all the things it could before you reached your third trimester.

      10 Celebrities Who Waist-Trained After Birth

      10 Celebrities Who Waist-Trained After Birth

      We all know that getting back our pre-baby bodies is a struggle. At least, it is for us mere mortals – just a flick through a gossip magazine or browse blogs online and you’ll see stories of how celebrities got back to the prebaby weight just weeks after giving birth. So, how do they do it? Well, aside from likely utilizing the help of dieticians and personal trainers, many of them reap the benefits of waist training.

      So, which celebrities used waist training to successfully get their prebaby bodies back?


      1.   Kim Kardashian


      Kim K was one of the first celebrities to bring waist training into the spotlight, so of course we have to mention her first! Kim’s incredible hourglass shape helped trends transition from the fashionable boyish shapes of the 90s into the beautiful curves we strive for today.


      2.   Khloe Kardashian

      Khloe shocked everyone when she lost a ton of weight in recent years, even bouncing back fast after having her daughter. She doesn’t pull any punches when she talks about how much work she put in – she put in hours in the gym and completely changed her diet. Of course, her tiny waist has been helped along by religious waist training.


      3.   Kylie Jenner

      Kylie is well-known for her glow-up transformation, and it wasn’t a huge surprise when she bounced-back so fast after having Stormi, since she had the benefit of youth on her side. Of course, that didn’t mean she didn’t put in the effort – she started wearing her waist trainer as soon as it was safe to do so (six weeks).


      4.   Jessica Alba

      Jessica Alba has always taken a spot on “Hottest Celebrity” lists, and so it’s no surprise she puts in a ton of work to stay that way. After giving birth in 2011, she apparently wore a double corset day and night for three months to regain her prebaby figure. Fortunately, waist training can get you great results without resorting to such extreme measures!


      5.   Kim Zolciak

      Kim Zolciak of The Real Housewives of Atlanta fame is a mother of six! You’d never be able to tell, however, because Kim has a tiny waist. When accused of photoshopping her images, she showed off her waist trainer. She waist trains for five hours every day, and has lost an incredible 4 inches off her waist since she started.


      6.   Ciara

      Singer Ciara has always had a slim body, but after she gave birth to her son, she wanted just a little help. She decided to wear a waist trainer to workout in – she was so pleased with the results that she shared pictures of herself in her waist trainer online.


      7.   Snooki Polizzi

      Snooki gained fame on Jersey Shore, and is famous for representing us short gals! Snooki gave birth to her daughter Giovanna just a few months before her wedding, and so she was determined to get back in shape. Thanks to vigorous workouts and dedicated waist-training, she looked incredible on her big day.


      8.   Farrah Abraham

      Farrah is another star that had youth on her side when it came to bouncing back fast after becoming a mom, but it’s not that alone that helped her maintain a killer figure. Farrah used a waist trainer while working out to get back her flat stomach.


      9.   Jessica Simpson

      After having baby number three, Jessica Simpson joked about doing stretches while working out in her “rubber corset”. The star had a rough time in the media for her weight gain for a while, but currently looks sexy as hell! Clearly, the waist trainer magic is working!


      10. Nicki Minaj

      Okay, so this one’s cheating a bit since, at the time of writing, Nicki’s baby is only just over a month old. But she’s quickly approaching the six-week mark, and Nicki has always been such a huge fan of waist training that it seems certain she’ll be training again soon!


      Thinking of giving waist training a try to bounce back after having a baby? It’s absolutely worth it! Make sure you read our Complete Guide to Waist-Training for Post-Partum Moms next!