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    Maternal Shapewear


    When you have a child on the way, your body needs a lot of support.  We're not just talking emotional support, but physical support for your new shape.  Nicolette Shapewear comes to the rescue with our Maternity Shapewear collection.  We will have you looking and feeling amazing with that beautiful baby bump. 

    Whether you are early in pregnancy or 9 months along looking and feeling great can be easy. Our women's maternal shapers help to support, shape and smooth out your tummy so you can show off your baby bump without worry.  Check out our Nicollete Maternal Shapewear collection for pregnancy shapers, and bodysuits today!

    When you’re expecting, you need lots of support - both emotional support and physical support for your body. That’s where we come in! SPANX maternity shapewear is here to support you… baby bump and all! Feeling and looking your best (even when you’re nine months pregnant) doesn’t have to be hard. Our pregnancy shapewear helps smooth, shape, and support your tummy so you can flaunt your baby bump in style. Discover SPANX maternity bodysuits and pregnancy shapers today!