Waist Cinchers

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Waist training while gaining new popularity in recent years is not a new concept. In fact waist cinchers, corsets, and trainers have been around for centuries. Women have used waist cinchers to shape and slim their waists for many years. It has gained more popularity in recent years due to celebrities who openly talk about their use of waist cinchers to help train their waist. Colombian Waist cinchers are known for their excellent compression fabric made with latex.

At Nicolette Shapewear we only carry top of line compression cinchers. There are many companies in the shapewear industry selling cheap trainers that simply put, don’t have the compression and shaping the ability of high-quality trainers. Our compression garments and compression vests provide top of line midsection control with a thermal effect to help slim and trim your waist. Our main goal was to create the perfect fit with high compression and quality fabric to not only last but to remain invisible to the eye while wearing under clothes.

Depending on your needs we have the perfect cincher for you. If you want to amp up your workouts or simply look amazing in a pair of jeans or a dress. We have you covered with our Nicolette Waist Cincher Collection. Get your waist cincher today and start waist training!