5 Top Reasons Why New Moms Should Wear Shapewear

5 Top Reasons Why New Moms Should Wear Shapewear

Being pregnant and giving birth gives you a whole new relationship with your body. You may feel awed by its ability to create life, you may have loved how you looked and felt when you were pregnant, but after you’ve had your baby, things often change.

Your postpartum body is one that is recovering, often uncomfortable, and many new moms wish they could have a feminine shape long before they have the time, desire, and ability to get back into a healthy workout and eating routine. If you’re thinking about wearing shapewear after birth, you’re not alone. Here are 5 reasons why many new moms choose to wear shapewear postpartum.

1.    Compression Can Help Your Muscles Mend

While returning to waist trainers may have to wait a few weeks if you’ve recently given birth, wearing postpartum shapewear does actually aid in your recovery. In many countries around the world, hospitals and midwives will give new moms a belly band or fabric for belly binding so they can wrap their stomach and help it repair more quickly. When we have an injury, we are taught to ice – compress – elevate.

It’s that compression element that is at work here. Your stomach muscles have been stretched, and compressing them can help hold them in position so your body can repair them more easily. This is even more beneficial for those who had a c-section.


2.    You Look and Feel More Put-Together

Being a new mom isn’t easy – you likely have sleepless nights, you’re dealing with poop and vomit more than you ever thought you would, and—let’s face it—your baby’s cute outfits are way more put together than your own. When you choose to wear shapewear after birth, you instantly feel more put-together, more comfortable, and confident as you go about your day. Since confidence can be hard to come by in those early weeks, so don’t be afraid to rely on your shapewear for a little more!


3.    Compression Helps Reduce Inflammation (Swelling)

Not only does compression help speed up how fast your muscles can mend, but compression also helps reduce inflammation. Inflammation is natural but can make you feel puffy, uncomfortable, and too much inflammation can work against you. Our bodies react with inflammation to ensure there is enough blood flow to attack any intruders and heal the injury as fast as possible. Of course, for long term problems or slow-healing “damage,” such as giving birth or surgery, that inflammation can delay healing and even distort tissues in the long run. It’s best to slow and reduce swelling, especially after birth, so your body can heal easily. Shapewear can help you do just that!  

4.    Tighten and Tone Your Body

Have you ever noticed how your stomach can look flatter after you’ve worn a pair of tight high-waisted leggings? That’s because the compression naturally helps you to shed extra water weight and holds your body in a better shape. While these results aren’t permanent (we wish!), repeated use will help prolong these effects and may even help give you a better shape in the long term since your body is still healing and recovering its shape.

5.    Get Better Posture

One of the benefits for anyone using shapewear is that it gently reminds you to sit and stand up straight. This is great for anyone’s posture but is particularly important for a new mom carrying and lifting their baby without the strength a strong abdominal wall can provide. While you’re recovering, belly binding and wearing shapewear after birth can help support your muscles so you can stand straighter, lift better, and regain your strength with proper form.


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