3 Reasons Why All Moms should Wear Post-Partum Shapewear After Giving Birth

3 Reasons Why All Moms should Wear Post-Partum Shapewear After Giving Birth

     When I first became pregnant with my first child in 2015, I was worried, like any FTM would be, about how my body would look like post-partum, so I spent hours researching on what I could do to minimize the weight gain and water retention post-pregnancy.

That's when I found out about compression garments and how they were so essential to helping you get back into your body. Below are THREE reasons I believe every mom should wear a shapewear compression garment after giving birth.

  1. They help put everything back into place. After giving birth, your abdominal muscles are extremely weak after being stretched out during pregnancy. Having a great quality compression garment on will help mold everything back together and keep your muscles from permanent separation.

  2. Helps with Posture. This is especially essential if you will be breastfeeding your baby, a great compression garment will help you sit up and not slouch. This will help you not have any lower back pain or discomfort.

  3. Boost your confidence. Every mom is bound to lose confidence post-pregnancy, wondering why they don't look the way they did prior to getting pregnant. With the right shapewear, you can feel like yourself again! Trust me, you will need all the uplifting you could have during the baby blues!

Now, as a mother of two girls under two, staying in shape is the least of my worries. I am back again to my pre-pregnancy body without working out or going on any diet. All I did was breastfeed on demand, and wear a great compression garment right after delivery! Click here for tips on how to lose that stubborrn mom pouch!

My top priority is putting 100% of my efforts in my two girls, and my mind is still far from working out as many mothers know, being a stay-at-home is full time, 24 hours job. All I have to do is wear my Nicolette Shapewear for the recommended time of 8 hours per day to maintain my shape and my posture. All without much exercise or dieting :) 

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