Using a Waist Trainer for Workouts Post-Partum

Using a Waist Trainer for Workouts Post-Partum

We’ve all seen pictures of celebrities working out in their waist trainers, and you may have enjoyed working out in your waist trainer before getting pregnant. But what about working out in your waist trainer postpartum? Today, we’ll guide you through what you need to know and answer all your questions about wearing a waist trainer for working out after having a baby.


Is wearing a waist trainer postpartum safe?

Yes – though of course you should always talk to your doctor, and you need to be careful and listen to your body. Postpartum binding is a popular practice throughout the world, and many women who have a c-section are encouraged to use some kind of abdominal compression as part of their recovery.

You shouldn’t jump into waist training right away, however. Generally, you need to wait until your baby is six weeks old before you can wear a waist trainer. Other shapewear is suitable before this, however. You can read all about this in our Complete Guide to Waist Training for Postpartum Moms.


When can I start wearing a waist trainer for workouts?

Once you’re six-weeks postpartum, you can start introducing or reintroducing your waist trainer back into your life. It’s best to start slow, both with your waist trainer and with your workouts. Start just by doing brisk walks to increase your cardiovascular fitness. You can wear your waist trainer while you do this; just make sure it’s a suitable size. If you waist trained before your pregnancy, you’ll likely need to purchase a size or two bigger initially so you don’t put too much pressure on your body too soon.

Once you’re comfortable and feeling capable of more, you can increase the intensity of your workouts while wearing your waist trainer. Remember to listen to your body. You’ll know the difference between something that’s difficult because you’re out of practice and something that hurts. Don’t push too hard.


Which waist trainers are best for working out postpartum?

We’ve got a few suggestions for you for the best workout waist trainers for postpartum moms:

Our Top Pick: Gym Sweat Belt

The waist trainer we recommend most to postpartum moms for workouts is our Gym Sweat Belt with Butterfly Logo. This waist trainer is great because it’s so adjustable and quick and easy to get on and off. When you’re first working out after you’ve had your baby, you will have to build up a lot of strength again, and this waist trainer can be easily and quickly removed if you find you need to catch your breath or loosen it for a specific movement.


Best for Walks and Light Compression

If you’re looking for something comfortable for all-day wear but can also be worn during light workouts, our Smooth Powernet Waist Cincher is a great choice. It offers a lighter degree of compression and won’t make you sweat as much as our Gym Sweat Belt.


Best for 12 Weeks Postpartum

Once you’re 12 weeks postpartum, your body should be relatively well recovered. If your doctor gives you the all-okay for workouts, you can return to exercise as normal. Once this is the case, our Sport Latex Waist Cincher will help you get your prebaby body back – or better! It’s important to note you shouldn’t wear a latex waist trainer before you reach 6 weeks postpartum, as it will be too intense. This is a great waist trainer to use once you know you won’t need to adjust it during workouts.


You can absolutely wear a waist trainer for workouts after giving birth, but you need to be conscious about how you do so. Listen to your body and remember what it’s been through – it will need time before it can do all the things it could before you reached your third trimester.

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