5 Steps to Purchasing the Perfect Shapewear for your Body

5 Steps to Purchasing the Perfect Shapewear for your Body

Lately, we've been receiving a ton of emails asking how to measure yourself to get the perfect fit for your shapewear garment- so we've compiled a list of 5 steps to follow when purchasing your faja.

Step 1: Choose a Faja depending on your needs.

If you are just getting out of surgery or are planning to purchase a faja before your surgery, we recommend looking through our Post-Op wear. To view our Post-Surgical garments, click here. If you are in search of an everyday shapewear garment, we recommend searching through our daily use shapewear tab here.

Step 2: Measure your Waist & Hip Size

Grab a measuring tape, and measure your waist and hips

Step 3: For Everyday Shapewear:

Simply look at the measuring chart specific to your chosen product to find your correct sizing. Example: I am a size 30-inch hips/36-inch waist. If I am looking to buy the Everyday Shapewear #11068, according to the size chart, I am a size S.

For Post-Op Shapewear:

The size of your shapewear garment depends on your level of inflammation. We do recommend having more than one shapewear garment for the best results post-op as your size constantly changes after surgery. Have a look at our video below to see the official post-op chart.

Step 4: Order your Faja & Try On!

If you measure yourself correctly and used our measuring chart your faja should fit you perfectly! When trying on your faja, it is normal for it to be quite tough to put on at first, but over time the process does get easier as you become more familiar with putting it on! Be sure to start from the bottom, then work your way up when trying it on. Remember if you do happen to get the wrong size, just reach out to a member of our team, and we will be glad to help you in the exchange process!

Step 5: Time to Show off your Faja!

Put on your shapewear garment every day for the best results, and read our blog on how to style your faja to achieve the perfect curvy look! Now you're #Nicolettetransformed.

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