How I lost All the Baby Weight only 1 Month Post Partum

How I lost All the Baby Weight only 1 Month Post Partum

Going into my second pregnancy I was definitely a bit nervous If I was going to gain weight as fast I did the first time.The second pregnancy, I did gain weight faster as opposed to my first one so I began my research on how to keep my pre-pregnancy weigh post-pregnancy and this is what I found that it worked for me and my body. When I left the hospital I was 150 pounds, 1 month later I was 120 pounds. Here's what I did.

1) Breastfeed

This is the top 1 thing I did that I think really helped me out in losing most of baby weight. Not only is it very important for the health and growth of your baby, but studies also show that a woman who is breastfeeding every 2-3 hours can lose up to 500 caloriesa day, and that's without a single minute of working out.

2) Wearing my Shapewear Everyday

After pregnancy, my body definitely did not look anything like what It was before, everything was mushy and my gut was basically popping out. This was completely normal, my body just created a whole new human being and it needed some help remembering what It was before. This is why wearing my shapewear everyday was extremely important after giving birth to help my muscles regain their strength and give me more support and better posture (important when breastfeeding!). The shapewear stands as a reinforcement to your weak muscles and to help them remember where they were before as opposed to being loose, and gushy without the support.

3) Light Workout 

By light workout, I mean extremely light workout. One month post-baby you are supposed to take it easy and continue healing, so a walk a day to the park or around the block will help you loosen up your stiff muscles and get some form of cardio in. Light cleaning is also considered as a workout, anything that gets you up from bed and walking is useful when trying to burn your excess fat.

4) Cut Proportions

To be honest, I did not have much of an appetite during the first month as my main focus was on the baby, so when I did eat, my portions were small, mainly for conveniences. I didn't have much time before my baby began crying. I feel this was also a huge part in me losing weight, paired with breastfeeding, I saw my weight drastically dropping just two weeks later. During this time I ate a lot of soups and healthy food as well to succeed in my goal of breastfeeding long term. 


That's It! One month later I was back to my weight before my pregnancy. Obviously, there are many different body types and this may not work out for everyone as fast as it did on me, but this is what helped me out. I still have a long way to go though, as my stomach never went back to being as tight as it was before, but I'm happy that my body produced two beautiful girls :) It was well worth it, and you can do it too , Mommy!

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