Currently Trending: Faja of the Week "The Invisible Body Shaper 4012"

Currently Trending: Faja of the Week "The Invisible Body Shaper 4012"

"The Invisible Body Shaper" has been trending for the past few weeks now and we definitely see why! We see the "Invisible Body Shaper" Faja #4012 as a beginner faja because it is the most comfortable, and the least tight of our other options.

This faja is, like our other shapewear garment, completely seamless and is perfect for daily use underneath your clothes, but the compression level for this shapewear is moderate.

Why we're all obsessed with the "Invisible Body Shaper"

What we love about the invisible body shaper is that there are no zippers or hooks, which makes it the perfect starter shapewear for ladies who are just starting out on wearing everyday shapewear. The compression is moderate, which means it is not as tight as our other garments, making it comfortable for daily use. 

This garment is the perfect garment to wear underneath everyday clothes and looks even better under dresses as it is seamless, unlike other shapewear brands. We also love that this specific faja comes with adjustable straps, so there is no need to worry about it falling down, or bulging underneath your clothes.

If you're a beginner in shapewear, and slowly want to ease your way into our more high compression garments, we highly recommend the invisible body shaper as your starter faja.
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