Step By Step Guide: How to Properly put on  your Post-Op Shapewear

Step By Step Guide: How to Properly put on your Post-Op Shapewear

Recently, we've been getting ton-of emails asking if they got the right size because their shapewear does not fit, how to properly out on their faja, or they do get their faja on- but put it on backward! This week we're teaching you, ladies, how to properly put on your post-op or everyday shapewear garment/faja! We also created a Step-by-Step YouTube video on our channel so be sure to check it out after this post!

Step 1: Remove Jewelry from your hands

In order to put your shapewear garment on properly, remove your rings or jewelry so nothing gets caught on your shapewear.

Step 2: Properly align the inseam to the insides of your thighs.

Put one leg into your garment making sure the inseam is correctly placed on the inside of your thigh. 

Step 3: Pull the garment all the way up, doing a little shimmy to ensure it's as high as it can go

It's important to make sure you pull the garment all the way up and make sure it sits directly on your hip, and that the butt lifter on the back is properly placed. Adjust accordingly before the next step.

Step 4: Begin putting on the straps

Make sure the straps are not twisted and note to put your bra on after putting on the shapewear garment for the best results.

Step 5: Cross Your Legs

This is a little trick we like to do if you are putting your garment on by yourself for the first few times. It holds everything in so the garment can be hooked on easier.

Step 6: Start from the bottom hook and work your way up

Starting from the lowest hook setting, work your way up slowly, remember that it may feel too tight in the beginning but this is completely normal. Work slowly and you will get to the top hook!

Step 7: Zip your Garment All the Way up

Now, for the moment of transformation, Zip your Garment all the way up and look in the mirror, you will be surprised at the difference!

Step 8: Daily Wear

If you are truly aiming for a curvier figure, or maintain your post-op shape make sure you are wearing your shapewear garment every day. For Post-Op customers, be sure to wear your 24/7 for the first few months of recovery to maintain results. If you are wearing your garment to simply enhance your figure, aim to wear your garment 8 hours a day, but be sure to start slow if you are a beginner!

Be Sure to watch this video to get a better visual of how to properly put your garment on!

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