How can Shapewear prevent side effects from Cosmetic Surgery?

How can Shapewear prevent side effects from Cosmetic Surgery?

I have met many ladies, while working in the shapewear industry, that have had cosmetic surgery just like me, and we all agree to have benefited from wearing shapewear to prevent any side effects from surgery. Many times we go under the knife with the excitement of improving one or more aspects of our body, but we also have to have in mind that cosmetic surgery may have a few side effects that can be easily prevented with the right shapewear. It is highly recommended by all cosmetic surgeons to always have a shapewear garment ready when entering your procedure.

The right shapewear will help prevent cosmetic surgery side effects by decreasing swelling and bruising, it will prevent fibrosis, it will aid-in shorter healing periods and it keeps skin and muscles in place ensuring long term results. Additional benefits of wearing your shapewear to prevent post-op side effects include shorter healing times, and the prevention of fibrosis post-surgery. Below, I will explain more on how to prevent side effects from your cosmetic surgery.

It Decreases Swelling and Bruising.

Prevent the Post-Op bruising side effect by wearing your shapewear garment right after your surgery. One of the many great features from Nicolette Shapewear garments is that once in a while you can put your garment in the original bag it came in and put it in fridge for about an hour, then wear your garment chilled from the freezer as cold compression helps prevent the bruising. Use this along with drinking your recommended water amount by your doctor to minimize the post- op bruising as much as possible.

Prevents Fibrosis from forming.

Cystic Fibrosis is common after your cosmetic surgery as there is a lot of fluid and mucus buildup in your stomach area after your surgery. To prevent this, your shapewear garment's high compression will not allow for as much build up as your skin and muscles are tighter together.

Aids-in Shorter Healing Period.

Healing time is shortened especially when wearing shapewear that includes Vitamin E, all Nicolette Post op Shapewear fabrics are infused with Vitamin E when manufactured, which will cool down any wounds or scars you may have after your liposuction or tummy tuck procedure.

Keeps Skin and Muscles in Place.

Having a high compression shapewear garment is essential to prevent cosmetic surgery side effects as it will aid in shrinking and retracting the loose skin you may have after your surgery.

Along with wearing your shapewear garment post cosmetic surgery, to speed up your healing process and to prevent any infections, blood clots, fibrosis or any further complications from forming, be sure to follow your surgeons after care instructions that may include frequent, yet steady exercise, drinking water, getting massages, abstain from drinking alcohol, etc. I hope you found this article useful for your cosmetic surgery, and be sure to check out our blog: 5 Steps to Purchasing a the right shapewear for Your Body before purchasing your shapewear.


The Shapewear I Recommend to Prevent Side Effects from Cosmetic Surgery

My personal choice to prevent side effect from cosmetic surgery is the Liposuction & Tigh Lift Body Shaper 11047, the reason I recommend this one is because it is super comfy, remember that after going through any surgery you will have pain, and the last thing you want is your shapewear to cause you more pain. It also molds your body giving you a fine waist line which is what we all actually want after our surgeon has removed all the undesired fat from our bodies. I also recommend the long short (to the knee) because it helps with blood circulation after surgery. Lastly, it comes with 3 hooks that will helps us when we go from having a high swollen body (the first 10 days after surgery) to medium swelling (10 to 30 days after surgery) and finally when our bodies are fully recovered and they swelling is low (after 30 days) this means that we can make our shapewear tighter as we start swelling down.

Those are the benefits of wearing shapewear after surgery, let me know your thoughts in the comment section down below, did I miss any side effects after surgery? or if you have any questions at all regarding this topic, I will be happy to help.

Thank you!


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