Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Body Shaper by Occasion 2020

Complete Guide to Choosing the Best Body Shaper by Occasion 2020

If you’ve been looking for a magic wand that will make you look great in any outfit you try on, you just found it: you need a  body shaper.

But how exactly do you go about choosing the right one, once you’ve decided to give a body shaper a try? There are so many different types, levels of compression, colors, and designs, that it can be daunting to know how to purchase your first shaper. Take a deep breath – we want to make sure that your first body shaper is  perfect for you, so we’re here to guide you through everything you need to know to order the best shaper for you. 

What is a Body Shaper?

So, what exactly is a body shaper? A body shaper is an undergarment you wear that smooths your curves and stops you from having any unwanted lumps and bulges. There are various levels of control and they are designed to be super comfortable, even when they have “extra firm” control. They support you so you can go out into the world feeling confident and comfortable in your own skin. With a body shaper, you’ll be free to wear whatever outfit you like – no matter how figure-hugging.

3 Steps to Choosing your Shaper

Step 1

Decide What Level of Compression you need & Identify your target areas

Step 2

Choose what you need the shapewear for. Are you looking for an everyday shaper? Bridal? or are you a recovering mommy? 

Step 3

Take your measurements, and find out your perfect size to get the best results!

What Level of compression do I need?

So,  how do you choose the right level of compression? First, you need to consider your goal. Do you just want to smooth over any lumps and bumps that your underwear causes under that super-tight dress? Do you want something that will stop your thighs rubbing together?  Or, have you just had a c-section and need something to help you feel supported as you head out as a new mom? Your needs will help you choose what level of compression you need.

There are three levels of compression:

  1.   High compression  sculpts your body, creating curves and shaving inches off of the target area. This is the highest level of compression and is perfect for special occasions, or any other time you want to be absolutely certain you can feel confident knowing you aren’t jiggling anywhere you don’t want to be. As long as you get the right size you’ll be comfortable! 
  2.   Moderate compression  shapes your body, again creating and emphasizing your curves, and helping hold in and lift in all the right places. If you don’t want a high level of compression but still want a little extra shape, this is the right level for you.
  3.   Medium compression  smooths your body, eliminating annoying bumps and dimples, giving you a smoother look but won’t feel hugely different to other figure-hugging undergarments.

What are my Target Areas?

As you’ll see (or will have seen) when you start to browse our range of shapewear, there are different styles for different target areas. We all have areas of our body that wobble, bulge, or rub against another part when we’d rather it didn’t – and you’ll find shapewear to target one, two, or  all those areas.

The most common problem areas are:

  • Your tummy and love handles: this is an area even the skinniest among us often have a problem with, and almost all our shapewear offers you support here.
  • Upper body from your bra to your hips: if this is the case, look for shapewear that starts just under the breasts to offer you full midriff control.
  • Butt and hips: there’s plenty of shapewear that will take your extra junk in the trunk and shape it into a beautiful booty!
  • Upper thigh: Another problem area most women struggle with and plenty of shapewear will offer you upper thigh support, should you want it.
  • Entire thigh: If you want thigh control but are worried about having a line halfway down your thigh, choose shapewear which goes right down to the knee.

Choose the Best Body Shaper for Your Needs and Occasion

To help you choose the very best shapewear for your needs and any special occasions you have coming up, we’ve round up our favorite pieces of shapewear you need in your wardrobe.

The Best Shapewear for Bodycon Dresses, Parties, and Holidays

This occasion is usually the gateway to great shapewear – you have a figure-hugging dress you want to wear for an upcoming event and you just aren’t sure you will feel confident enough to wear it without a little help. For this occasion, we recommend:

NS018   is the perfect piece of shapewear to pull in your waist and give you that perfect hourglass shape you desire. If you’ve seen or tried a waist trainer and adored the look it achieved,  this is a more comfortable version. It is invisible and has a high back to avoid back bulges. If you want a high level of control so you can feel as confident as possibleat your event, this is a great option.

8052  shrinks the size of your waistline instantly, and completely flattens your tummy to give you the ultimate hourglass shape. It is completely seamless, so you can wear it under any garment and know it’s invisible – helping you look and feel amazing! It is a medium level of compression, if you simply want a comfortable piece for daily use. 

NS068  is ideal for open back dresses, and smooths your curves from your bust to mid-thigh, providing you with the extra thigh and hip support many of us are looking for. This piece really does hide every unwanted bulge, lifts your butt, pulls in your waist, and slims the top of your thighs. The material offers high compression so you’ll feel fully supported as you focus on having a great time.

The Best Everyday Shapewear for Work

Often, the place we really need a boost of confidence isn’t on a night out but at work where we need to feel as confident and in control as possible to make the best impression on others and know our worth. Wearing shapewear to work is the best confidence secret no one will know about but you. For daily wear, we recommend:

NS013  is a great option for wearing every day under your work clothes. It smooths your curves to give you a perfect hourglass figure and is completely seamless, so it won’t show under even your tightest dresses.The deep V in the back makes it easy to wear with almost any top, while the high straps stop unsightly back muffin tops. Perfect for daily use!

1026 :  is one of the easiest introductions to waist training. If you’re looking for a comfortable piece you can wear under your work clothes every day, this is it. This waist cincher can be worn all day and anywhere, be it at work or in the gym.  Not only will it give you a curvaceous figure you’ll  adore ,  it will even give you semi-permanent results! If this is the first time you’ve considered using a waist trainer,  check out our blog post which will guide you through everything you need to know about waist training .

NS046  is the ultimate in daily shapewear. If you want to be fully supported everywhere and get that perfect hourglass shape, the Ideal Everyday Body Shaper should be in your wardrobe. It does everything –  nips in at the waist, smooths unwanted bulges everywhere, compresses your thighs, and gives your butt an incredible lift.

The Best Shapewear for Brides

Congratulations! You’re getting married and that means that soon you’ll get to have your big day where all eyes will be on you. Yeah – that’s awesome, but also a lot of pressure. Instead of crash dieting, becoming a stressed and malnourished bridezilla, just buy some great shapewear! Your hubby-to-be loves you as you are, and awesome shapewear (like those listed below) will do the rest for you on the day and in your photos. For the perfect wedding day, we recommend:

  Looking for great support and a butt boost but don’t want the complete support of a bodysuit? The   Ultra High Waist Butt Lifter PDA-038 has your butt! It lifts your butt, offers great tummy control, but has a low back so it won’t interfere with your low-back dress. The edges of the lifter are lined with lace, so it offers a delicate and feminine look that’s perfect for your wedding day. Should the top of the lace peek above the low cut of your dress, no one will know you’re wearing shapewear. It’s completely seamless and invisible under your clothes, and you’ll be able to wear it again and again, unlike anything else you’ll wear that day!
The Bridal Seamless and Strapless Butt Lifting Invisible Shapewear NS197   is the ultimate in bridal shapewear and will be your best friend on your wedding day – and quite possibly one of your most favorite things you spend money on. It will help you look and feel fabulous on your wedding day so you can focus on the things that matter.
Wear it with or without straps, so it’s perfect for strapless dresses and those with delicate straps or lacework, and gives you complete support. It lifts your butt, flattens your tummy, and will take three inches off your waist instantly. It really is the magic wand you’re looking for!

The Best Shapewear for Postpartum

You’ve performed a miracle and it’s time to take care of you again! Not only will this postpartum shapewear make you feel better about your body, many new moms find the compression adds an element of comfort and support that helps them recover more quickly. We recommend:.

3500 will shrink your waistline instantly, flatten your tummy, and give your butt a boost. The garment is completely seamless and offers a medium level of compression, so while it holds you in perfectly, it won’t add pressure to any areas that are still recovering from childbirth.It’s ideal to wear for daily use and is easy to get on and off when you go to the bathroom – you won’t have to completely strip down or struggle with thousands of hooks and zips

8051   is another fantastic option for new moms. It smooths lumps and bumps and gives you an instant hourglass figure. It is completely seamless so no one will ever know you’re wearing it!  The medium level of compression is perfect for daily wear or for special occasions, and the low back means you don’t have to worry about it peaking out above your tank tops and dresses.

Stay at Home Mom

You have an important job to do – you’re counselor, nurse, cook, admin, manager and so much more for your kids, so you deserve to look and feel your best as you do it. We recommend:

If you want the ultimate in support, the  High Compression Tummy Tuck Body Shaper Vest NS049  is the perfect piece for your wardrobe. This piece offers you complete support, with a high back, butt boost, breast lift, and tummy control. The open crotch feature makes it easy to wear all day long, and is available in sizes XS to 3XL, so you’ll find a size to suit you.

This garment is completely seamless if your goal is to be comfortable the entire day. Made with triconet material, this is the comfier and stretchier option if you're always on the go. We love that these go all the way to your knees if your thighs are on the thicker size if one of your concerns are shapewear digging into your legs, definitely give her a try:  Ultra Smooth Invisible Butt Lifter Shapewear NS084

Best Post Surgical Shapewear

After surgery you need complete support. Your body has been through a lot, and the right shapewear can aid in recovery and reduce the likelihood of complications like fibrosis. We recommend you read our  guide  on how to properly put on your post-operation shapewear here , and the piece of shapewear we recommend is:
The Long Short Postsurgical Body Shaper NS052  is the very best in full support shapewear. It is ideal for those undergoing liposuction, a tummy tuck, or BBL. It will offer your body the support it needs to recover  and helps soothe postsurgical wounds as it is infused with vitamin E.The three central hooks give the garment room to support you at all stages of recovery, from maximum swelling to three months post operation. The Long Short Postsurgical Body Shaper is recommended by certified surgeons, so you can wear it knowing you’re doing the very best for your body.

Full body post surgical shapewear with sleeves NS103 is the full body shaper will hold everything together and will cool down any post-surgical wounds, and provide maximum compression that is essential after surgery.  This shapewear garment is ideal for post surgery as it provides compression in the arms, legs, tummy, and breast area. Three central hooks on the bra and the the main body region is ideal for all stages of recovery from maximum swelling to three months post op. Sleeves are included in this garment for those in need of extra support on their arms. 

What size should I get?

The first thing you need to understand about choosing the perfect shaper is that size and compression level are key getting the right fit, the shape you desire, and being comfortable enough to forget you’re wearing it. If you get a size too big, too small, or with the wrong level of compression for you, you won’t get the look you desire and you’ll be uncomfortable. Measure yourself carefully following our sizing guide, or email your waist, hip, height and weight measurements to us once you’ve read through this guide and we’ll make sure you get the right sizing for you.

Body Shaper Before and After 

Real Results from Real Customers!

L to R (source: IG @incredibly.jen, @sarah_strives, @amazingxgracie)

Fit is Everything

The most important element of your shapewear is that it fits you correctly. Too tight, and you’ll be uncomfortable and spilling over the edges, too loose, and it’s not going to pull you in the right places.We recommend that you reach out to us via our live chat, via WhatsApp, or via email with your measurements for individual sizing help, so we can make sure you get the perfect fit. This is how you take your measurements:

Whatever the event or stage of life you’re at, we have the perfect piece of shapewear that matches your needs by occasion, compression level, and targeted areas. If you still aren’t sure what would be ideal for you and your circumstances, reach out to us and we’ll guide you to the perfect piece! or simply give us a call!

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