How does waist training reduce waist size?

How does waist training reduce waist size?

Hannah Warren

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If you say the phrase “waist training” to a handful of women, you’ll get one of two reactions; one group will love it and praise the results it has given them or people they knew, or you’ll get skepticism. What this boils down to in most circumstances are those who have tried waist training and those who haven’t.

Regardless of how skeptical or dismissive someone may be about waist training, those who have tried it know the results speak for themselves. Many women crave that beautiful hourglass middle that is flattering on any body shape and can add instant femininity, and waist training can offer that look, especially if you stick with your waist training over time.

But how does it work? Surely a garment that costs (in most cases) under $100 can’t be effective when surgical procedures are so expensive? Let’s take a look at the science behind how and why waist training has proved so effective for so many women.


Have you ever worn a pair of super-form fitting workout leggings and realized after that your body seems slimmer and firmer than before? That’s due to the effects of compression, as it prevents fluid build up in those areas – hence why they compress injuries. This effect has a short-term effect on your waistline.

However, when worn over the long term, that same compression effect will train your body to fit into the space you provide it. This is, in part, the same idea as with a corset, though of course waist trainers “suggest” a smaller shape, whereas a corset forces it in an often painful way.

Reduces Appetite 

I dare you to try wearing a waist trainer, feeling that sexy and fabulous, and then stuffing your face with far too much food. While it can, of course, be done, you won’t want to. One of the major benefits of a waist trainer, and one of the ways it helps you reduce your waistline, is that it helps you make better food choices and eat less overall. If your waist trainer is there as a constant reminder that you want to look as hot as possible, you’ll probably grab a healthy sandwich instead of heading into McDonald’s for a burger, and stop eating when you’re actually full rather than when there is no more food. This trend will help you lose weight and your waistline will shrink accordingly.

Improves Posture 

Have you ever looked at a very skinny girl and wondered why, despite her lack of fat, she still appears to have a pot-bellied look? When you slouch your hips jut forward and your lower stomach relaxes, giving you a bigger-in-the-middle appearance. When you sit and stand up straight all day long, your lower abdominal muscles are forced to engage and won’t “give” in a way that gives you an unflattering shape. 

Instant Results 

Of course, we can’t overlook the instantaneous results, either. Wearing a waist trainer, like any other shapewear garment, will make you shrink 1-3 sizes instantaneously. If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to get the curves you’re looking for, a waist trainer is a great way to get them. Most waist trainers can be worn under clothes seamlessly, so if you’re looking for a way to prepare for an upcoming event, either find a waist trainer that will fit under your clothes or wear your waist trainer all day beforehand so you will be at your slimmest at the event. 

Ready to give a waist trainer a try? Our range of waist cinchers will help you achieve both your long-term waist training and short-term hourglass shape goals. If you’re unsure what waist cincher to choose, see our guide on how to choose your ideal waist cincher.  If you aren’t sure if a waist trainer is right for you, but still want to achieve the amazing shrinking and smoothing effects of a great piece of shapewear, see our complete guide to choosing the best body shaper by occasion.

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