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  • How To Get An Hourglass Body

    How To Get An Hourglass Body

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    Original Content Posted 4/20/2019

    What is an hourglass body?

    The hourglass figure is where you're compared to your waist the hips and your bust is wider in scope. This gives off the appearance similar to an hourglass.

    A lot of people think that they can never achieve this type of body unless they were born with it. They think that genetics determines your body shape. While this may be true to some extent we have witnessed countless times where a solid workout and diet plan, mixed with a waist training regime has won out against genetics.

  • Best Waist Trainers | Waist Training 101 Guide

    Best Waist Trainers | Waist Training 101 Guide

    Electric Curves
    Original Content created 11/15/18

    What are the best waist trainers to buy? When celebrities like Kim Kardashian, Kylie Jenner, Amber Rose, and JWoww, all started endorsing waist training it seemed like overnight the waist training niche exploded all out of nowhere. With so many options, styles, and brands out there it can be a giant task in and of itself finding the correct one.

    In order to determine the best waist trainer is a matter of not just finding the best one, but asking yourself “What is The Best Waist Trainer for Me?”