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        The Best Comfortable Shapewear to Wear at Home: Top 4 Picks

        The Best Comfortable Shapewear to Wear at Home: Top 4 Picks

        Since the world was placed under quarantine, we’ve had to adjust our whole lives to isolate ourselves from other people. The gyms have been closed, and we’ve all put a temporary pause on our workout routines, or making do with at-home workouts.

        While working out from home is never going to be as good as having access to all the gym equipment you need, and you’ll definitely be forgiven if you’ve let your fitness routine fall by the wayside during this time, that doesn’t mean that you have to feel uncomfortable with your shape even while you’re at home.

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        All About NS015 Answering your Frequently Asked Questions!

        Recently we have put out an AD that included our NS015 Shaper and since then it has completely blew up! You ladies have so many questions regarding our famous shapewear so we decided to answer all your frequently asked questions. We truly hope this helps you ladies get to know our beloved "Famous" Shapewear a bit more!

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        How tight Should my Shapewear be?

        How tight Should my Shapewear be?

        Shapewear should be fitted – we all know that, since if it wasn’t well fitted it wouldn’t hold you in where you need it to! However, knowing what’s just right or too tight can be tough, especially if you're new to the world of shapewear or waist training.

        The key to answering, “how tight should my shapewear be?” is this: it should be comfortable.

        Choosing the perfect shapewear can be difficult and often many mistakes are made, and the most common mistake is buying the wrong size. In order for the shapewear to do its job, you have to make sure it fits perfectly.

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